Casual Living offers a suite of digital products to meet your marketing needs. Please review all the options below and reach out to the Account Executive in your area to start a conversation.

Be sure to ask about our current discounted digital campaign packages that will jump start your 2020 sales!

High Click Traffic Drivers
These options provide high visibility and will deliver a significant number of clicks to your landing page

Mobile and Desktop Welcome Page Ad — see more info
Geofencing Tradeshow Attendees — see more info
Social Media Ads With a Click Goal — see more info
Retargeting Display Ads From our Site — see more info
Pushdown and Billboard Banners — see more info
Email Marketing With Strong Click Calls To Action — see more info
“Sticky” 300×600 Banners that Remain Visible As A User Scrolls Down A Page — see more info
In Content 300×250 Banner Ads

Branding And Highly Targeted Ads
These options provide effective brand association with our content and are served to our most-engaged members of our audience. These campaigns lead to very high conversions and brand retention.

Newsletter Banners and Sponsored Content Ads — see more info
Social Media Ads With a Reach Goal — see more info
Banner Ads on our website — see more info
Retargeting Ads with a Reach Goal — see more info
eMail Marketing — see more info
Podcast Sponsorships

Video Promotion
Highly targeted video campaigns are an extremely effective way to share your brand and message with our audience

Social Media Video campaigns — see more info
Pushdown and Billboard Video ad placement on our site — see more info
Video Retargeting on YouTube — see more info
Sponsorship of Editorial Video Packages

Content Marketing
We offer a variety of effective ways to tell the story of your brand or initiative. These options lead to higher conversions and lead generation.

Sponsored Content Article on site — promoted on our newsletters and social channels. — see more info
Hosted Webinars – Great for Leads — see more info
Motiongraphics – Leverage our industry-leading video department to create engaging videos for use on your social networks, site and in advertising. — see more info

Creative Services
We offer a full creative services team that can meet any of your design and ad creation needs:

Logo Design
Website Design
SEO for your site
Consumer-facing programmatic digital campaigns

Account Executives

Kara Dunlay
Group Publisher, Furniture Today
[email protected]

Brocdunn Rush
Senior Account Executive
[email protected]

Jennifer Antonosanti
Account Executive
[email protected]