What is an "eBlast"?

At the surface, an eBlast is a single email deployment to our list of digital subscribers. Unlike eNewsletters and website advertising, the client has 100% control of the content and messaging of the email. With a limited number of eBlasts available, these are the most direct way to reach our email audience and are great for companies wanting to send out videos, new introductions or market invitations.

Make it a double?

While most eBlasts are a single deployment, we recommend running a series, such as a double send eBlast. These are sent once to our entire list, and then again to a segment of that list to increase conversions. For example: you can send the 1st deployment to all subscribers and the 2nd send could try a new subject line, and get sent to everyone who didn’t open it the first time - increasing your marketing penetration.

Ad Specifications

Accepted Formats: JPG, PDF, HTML (if providing HTML, please submit COMPLETE HTML file).
Max Width: 700px wide
File Resolution: 72dpi

What We Need

  • eBlast Creative
  • Subject line
  • URL the eBlast will link to