What is "Facebook Premiere"?

Facebook Premiere is a new way to deliver video content on Facebook, allowing you to post pre-recorded footage as if it was "live." Recorded HD video is loaded and posted into Facebook and then scheduled to "premiere" the following day. When the event is scheduled, our followers are notified and can choose to have Facebook remind them of the video event. Once the video "premieres," it has the exact same engagement functionalities as a Facebook Live Stream.

What do you get?

All Facebook Premiere packages include a professionally produced and shot HD video (up to 5 mins) that is "premiered" on Facebook the day after recording. The video is promoted the day prior, day of and for 7 days after the premiere. Casual Living cobrands the video post with the client, and the client gets a copy of the final video for use in their own marketing efforts. For an additional cost, we can post-produce and edit the video into a more polished 4K version.