What is the "Instagram Exclusive Sponsorship"?

For businesses looking to connect with a qualified audience via social media, look no further than Casual Living’s exclusive Instagram Market Sponsorship. With more than 1,200 followers and hundreds of engagements each month, our Instagram page is a great way to connect with, and market to, a strong built-in audience. The exclusive sponsorship includes targeted Instagram ads, sponsorship credit in the Casual Living bio and an IGTV video broadcasted to our audience and promoted after market.

What's Included in the Sponsorship?

The exclusive Instagram Market Sponsorship includes three components: (1) targeted Instagram ads, (2) credit in FT's Instagram bio and (3) one IGTV video.

Targeted Ads

Social media ads are a proven strategy that boosts brand awareness, and with the right call to action - leads directly to website traffic and sales. With over a billion users, advertising on Instagram can be daunting. However, running your social media ads through us provides a unique opportunity to reach a pre-qualified audience so you're not wasting money putting your message in front of the wrong people.

Credit in Instagram Bio

While Instagram doesn’t have a cover photo like Facebook and Twitter - the Instagram Exclusive Package includes sponsorship recognition within the bio of the Casual Living Instagram page that links back to the advertisers Instagram page.


Instagram TV (IGTV) is the platforms launch into long form video content, extending the previous 60 second time limit to up to an hour. As a part of the Exclusive Instagram Sponsorship, one IGTV video is recorded, quick edited and promoted to the CL audience.